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Jun 22 15 12:44 PM

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After a long wait, IS1 finally moves to rFactor 2, download the new beta for the season 6 mod

You can download the beta here

+ Test car added
+ ARB Adjustment in car added
+ Rear wing adjustment at stop added
+ Improved draft/slipstream added
+ Added engine mapping and boost

Planned updates
- Launch control (for some reason my changes were not saved, but it is not essential until the first race anyway)
- All 9 teams with their paint jobs (submit your skin here)
- Improved performance, greater speeds and handling :)

Leave any feeback below!
- Will :)
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#2 [url]

Jun 23 15 8:45 AM

JoeEthier wrote:
Front ARB adjustement on car is not avaible.
Fuel map is adjustable but it doesn't change something on the engine.

Yes I've noticed, the main objective when releasing this beta was to ensure that you at least had the option to change map, the effects will be added soon though :)

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