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Aug 9 15 7:41 AM

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Race ban for Miles Wheway, ignoring blue flags for several laps

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#1 [url]

Aug 9 15 7:49 AM

Joe Ethier and Miles Wheway
22 to 24
Miles ignored blue flag for 2-3 laps and then i finally overtook him, almost touched and went off track. Next curve he crash into me trying to overtake me...I had suspesion problem for like 7-10 laps and then something broke and I crashed, forced me to retire the car.

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#2 [url]

Aug 9 15 8:17 AM


For those 2-3 laps you were never close enough to overtake me, so i kept to my line. When you eventually were close enough, you got past but ran wide, and so I closed on you in the following straight, where upon your car started lagging more my screen. To attempt to avoid a collision, I moved to the inside so I didn't rear-end you, admittedly my most common form of collision. Unfortunately, this backfired. Our collision confuses me as much as it did you, in fact, on my screen, I never saw any contact besides you car lagging through mine, so i slowed and let you past.

My ping had been varying between 20ms and 900ms during most of the race, especially when near other cars, for instance when Ricardo, myself, and Joe were running as a group of 3 cars, you both frequently disappeared on my screen every couple of corners and then reappearing a few seconds later.

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