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Feb 9 15 9:53 AM

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Hi, here is one of my suggestions:

At the moment we have a lot of people who have not had experience with rFactor and especially with no aids on, when I joined the league I was thrown in the deep end going from all assists full to all assists off.

We could have a system in place like what FSR does, we allow all assists with all drivers and it is their choice to use the assists BUT for using assists you can give them a weight ballast and therefore slowing them down so the only advantage they have is not crashing. I saw a piece so where of a file in the rF directory that FSR used to do this.
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Will Barnes

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Feb 9 15 10:10 AM

FSR doesn't allow "all" assists, only low tc and abs but that might be lowest divisions only. This is why we chose CTDP 2006 :D It's difficult to get the penalties exactly right with weight and would need some practice with it. Remember this is IS1 and we want a higher standard of driving, IS2 will be back soon and we will allow more aids there with less penalty.

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